Top announcements from AWS worldwide public sector partners at re:Invent 2022

Top announcements from AWS worldwide public sector partners at re:Invent 2022

My favorite part of re:Invent, this year and every year, is the opportunity it provides to hear directly from AWS Partners and customers. As always, I’m impressed by the value that partners are delivering for customers, and I’m encouraged at the opportunities ahead of us to continue innovating, simplifying, and delivering results.

For any partners who weren’t able to attend on-site, I want to share what the worldwide public sector partners team is working on to better serve partners. Here are a few announcements you may have missed:

1. Global Security and Compliance Acceleration Program (formerly ATO on AWS) supporting eight countries globally

The Global Security and Compliance Acceleration (GSCA) program, formerly known as ATO on AWS, is expanding globally to support localized security and compliance needs. We have partners in seven countries outside of the US, including Australia (CyberCX, DNX Solutions), Canada (, 38North Security), France (), New Zealand (CyberCX), Singapore (), Spain (NTT Data EMEAL, Atos, Indra Sistemas, Telefonica, ), and the UK (6point6). GSCA helps customers meet their regulatory, security, and compliance requirements on AWS by providing no-cost guidance and access to a community of vetted, expert partners that are poised to support them.

2. AWS ProServe Ready now available in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore for public sector customer engagements

AWS ProServe Ready has expanded into Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore. When AWS Partners voiced their interest in collaborating with AWS Professional Services (AWS ProServe) to better support public sector customers, AWS ProServe Ready was our response to that request. AWS ProServe Ready prepares AWS Partners to work seamlessly with AWS ProServe on subcontract engagements in the public sector. The program leverages both the strengths of our AWS ProServe practice and AWS Partners, bringing customers the best of both worlds.

Small- and medium-sized businesses play a critical role in supporting public sector customers. In the US alone, 27 percent of federal contracting funds go to small businesses. This is why, in March 2021, we launched the AWS Think Big for Small Business  (TBSB) partner program.

Since March 2021, over 400 partners from 41 countries have participated in the TBSB program. In that time, TBSB partners launched more than 1,200 opportunities with public sector customers since joining the program.

4. Open source software available through AWS Solution Spark

AWS Solution Spark, launched earlier this year, helps public sector partners develop and accelerate open source solutions across state and local government, federal government, healthcare, and education. The Service Workbench on AWS, Performance Dashboard on AWS and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) Works are currently supported by Solution Spark.

One partner using Solution Spark is MyappSoftware. The company is using Performance Dashboard, which helps customers build, deploy, and maintain customizable dashboards designed to increase transparency between governments and their constituents around the performance of public sector services and initiatives. Since July 2022, MyappSoftware has included Performance Dashboard in every new launched opportunity as a value-add service. This has resulted in more than 80 new opportunities in just five months.

“Solution Spark brings the value add that we need for our customer, to allow everyone to understand their data in an easy way inside or outside the company,” said Juan Carlos Lopez, chief executive officer (CEO) of MyappSoftware.

5. Sustainable Cities Accelerator for Infrastructure cohort startups selected

Infrastructure encompasses all aspects of our lives: real estate, manufacturing, water, electricity, and transportation systems. Building these systems requires energy. In fact, the United Nations (UN) estimates that infrastructure accounts for about 40% of global energy use and about 30% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve selected nine companies to participate in our newest Sustainable Cities Accelerator cohort focused on addressing sustainability-related challenges in infrastructure. Our winners are: Accelerate Wind, BlocPower, Conservation Labs, Ecolibrium, ElectricFish, hello energy, RUNWITHIT Synthetics, VIA, and Vutility.

6. Public Sector Partners of the Year announced

This year, across the AWS Partner Network (APN), we relaunched our annual Partner Awards to recognize AWS Partners who have embraced specialization, innovation, and cooperation over the past year. The first cohort of public sector winners have delivered incredible results for customers, and I hope you all can join me in congratulating them. Public sector partner winners included:

7. Harvard Medical School and National Resident Matching Program spotlight work with partners

During the public sector partner breakout session on Tuesday, November 29, two customer speakers shared how they worked with AWS and our partners to overcome their technological challenges.

Dr. Paul Avillach, assistant professor of biomedical informatics at the Harvard Medical School, joined me and spoke about his experience in creating a highly secure environment to drive cutting edge research in human health, including advancements to treat cardiovascular diseases and COVID-19. Dr. Avillach said that working with AWS and the AWS Partners stackArmor and Emagine IT was “the game changer” for Harvard Medical School. Now with a FISMA-compliant environment, Harvard Medical School can provide any researcher with a computer with access to state-of-art clinical and genomic research settings.

Nicole Nitowski, chief information officer from The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), said the nonprofit not only increased their capacity and built a robust disaster recovery environment on AWS, but also reduced hosting costs by 40%. She said working with AWS and AWS Partner Pariveda “energized” NRMP and helped her organization innovate while saving costs.

Looking forward to 2023

It has been a joy to see the results that AWS public sector partners have driven for customers this year. Partners are transforming public sector institutions, making resources more accessible, and supporting critical customer missions. As we look to 2023, I look forward to seeing what our partners will accomplish. As always, my team and I will continue our efforts to be the most partner-centric team possible. .

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