Test and Measurement: EXFO takes cloud-native 5G assurance to AWS

Test and Measurement: EXFO takes cloud-native 5G assurance to AWS

EXFO is now offering service assurance and analytics through Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company’s Adaptive Service Assurance (ASA) test solution and advanced analytics reporting module is available to AWS customers in support of 5G networks; EXFO says that the module provides “segmented and full-stack visibility into 5G service and network cloud performance -[and can] correlate network performance with QoE and QoS indicators and accelerate troubleshooting efforts to resolve any network faults.”

“EXFO’s offering on AWS reflects the readiness and value of our capability to help service providers manage their networks in the increasingly complex 5G network environment, where the automation of testing and troubleshooting is essential to effective performance assurance,” said Mark Nixon, SVP of ASA at EXFO. “We look forward to continued work with AWS to help ensure that 5G and private network service providers have ultra-fast, ultra-reliable connections for emerging 5G services.”

In other test news:

-As Indian operators begin their 5G launches this month, Indian telecom equipment company HCFL announced that it is now offering a 5G lab-as-a-service automated test environment, which it said can support both rapid prototyping of 5G industrial solutions and “pre-integrated and pre-validated” 5G solutions for mobile broadband rollouts.

“Integration of multi-vendor, multi-technology systems is complex, and requires validation and optimization of disaggregated components such as hardware, software, cloud and network functions for seamless deployment of 5G networks,” said Mahendra Nahata, managing director at HFCL. He added that HFCL’s 5G Lab will enable companies to “analyze, integrate and validate performance and capabilities of their products and solutions in a real 5G network environment.”

-Related to the Indian launch of 5G, Qualcomm and Rohde & Schwarz put together a live, end-to-end demonstration of 5G Broadcast/Multicast system at India Mobile Congress this past week.

R&S also has its Oscilloscope Days events coming up, kicking off with a “School of Measurement” webcast on October 27 and then following up with a series of live, hands-on events across Europe for electrical engineers to learn more about power measurements.

“Oscilloscopes are widely recognized as the main tool every electronics engineer needs on their workbench. Modern power electronics technology continuously challenges electrical engineers to find an instrument with the best performance and efficiency for its size and price,” said Dr. Andreas Werner, VP of oscilloscopes at Rohde & Schwarz. “Starting a learning journey in power electronics, fully understanding which oscilloscope features really matter, and simply keeping up with the latest options can be a challenge. That’s why we developed the School of Measurement, our own educational approach supporting electronics engineers as they hone their skill set and make the most of their oscilloscopes.”

Anritsu said this week that its Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A now supports the base specification receiver tests (Rx Test) for PCI Express 6.0, and that it has also added an SKP function to support separate clock architectures (SRNS). 

-Start-up Spectrohm, which focuses on using radio frequency-based imaging combined with AI for inspection, announced this week that it is teaming up with the non-profit Wireless Research Center of North Carolina to commercialize a “fully autonomous” screening system for U.S. government customers that will scan for threats in packages and mail. Spectrohm says that its RF + AI system is capable of identifying package contents including drugs, explosives and contraband.

“Using ‘long’ radio wavelengths gives us the RF ‘color’ to both see and identify threats,” said Tim Cargol, founder and CEO of Spectrohm. “These colors give AI the extra data it needs to quickly and accurately identify threats.”

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