Simple Tips to Monitor and Maintain Your Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is app virtualization and desktop service. It combines licenses, services and resources to deliver a multi-user Windows 10 or Windows 7 experience. This can help businesses seamlessly scale their virtualization requirement along with maximizing the top-notch Azure security features. It ensures unified management from different Windows and Windows Server operating systems.

The virtual infrastructure market size exceeded $15 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 20% from 2022 to 2028. The figures will continue to increase with the rising penetration of cloud computing. It is no longer ‘one-size fit all’ Azure virtual desktop services but a highly customized one to suit unique operating environments.

Beyond Impact is a reliable IT management company that provides Azure windows virtual desktop solutions. Moving to the cloud is no longer confusing or overwhelming. They can manage your platform end-to-end with turn-key services. Whether migrating or extending your window server and SQL server infrastructure to the cloud, their lift-and-shift approach can help to simplify the entire process. Below are a few long-term benefits of deploying Azure desktop for your business.

  • Top Notch Scalability

The Azure portal is a centrally managed portal. You are able to configure settings, use desktop apps, enable security and remove or add users. All of the changes can be done based on unique business requirements. Massive scalability also helps to meet the data performance and storage needs of modern-day apps. The in-built autoscaling feature is able to tackle peak workload demands and then return to normal when demand drops.

  • Multi Sessions on Windows 10

This supports the use of existing per-user Microsoft 365 licensing and allows multiple concurrent user sessions. This is a brand-new Remote Desktop Session Host which is exclusive to Azure Virtual Desktop. You can opt for Azure Remote Desktop services for flexible and better workflow. It reduces the cost of maintaining more than one VM license. The sessions are also isolated from one another to help users enjoy high privacy and security. Microsoft has made unique changes to office products that work best in a multi-session environment ensuring a rich experience.

  • Image Maintenance

Plenty of creation and distribution efforts go into building golden images. It is quite a daunting and time-consuming task for small, medium and big businesses. The Microsoft Azure shared image gallery and Azure DevOps offer an uncomplicated and an automated way to produce and distribute images worldwide. Other benefits are ease of administration, premium storage, replication of golden images, version and grouping and high availability. The other image builder advantages are change tracking, repeatable process and results, automated configuration of software and operating system. Automated installation of applications like Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Google Chrome. Although Azure differs from Microsoft 365 virtual desktop in all ways yet it provides a flexible and efficient user experience.

A comprehensive Azure virtual desktop services plan can work hand-in-hand with all existing IT infrastructure and their unique migration tools. Work with a company that has decades of experience and education to provide you with unmatched solutions.

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