NTT DATA debuts energy efficiency, sustainability solution with e-Magic on Microsoft Azure | IoT Now News & Reports

NTT DATA debuts energy efficiency, sustainability solution with e-Magic on Microsoft Azure | IoT Now News & Reports

Plano, United States – NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services provider, announced an end-to-end sustainability solution that utilises digital twin technology to optimise energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. The solution, which was developed with e-Magic, utilises Microsoft Azure Digital Twins and provides organisations with the ability to model the real world and connect enterprise and IoT data at the edge to their digital twins in the cloud.

“Sustainability is a key strategic imperative but for many organisations, it has been too challenging to measure their environmental impact, let alone reduce it in meaningful ways,” says Tanvir Khan, chief digital officer, NTT DATA Services. “This solution delivers value to clients in the short term with the ability to integrate large, connected ecosystems. The collaboration between e-Magic, NTT DATA and Microsoft allows us to create long-term sustainability roadmaps to take our clients to carbon net-zero emissions while also reducing costs, creating new products and services, and improving operational efficiency, employee experience, and the overall brand. We see this as giving them a competitive advantage.”

NTT DATA’s solution begins with a foundation of measuring energy consumption to deliver real-time visibility in a consistent and reliable manner. By integrating metres, sensors, systems, devices, ERP and more into a single view, clients will be able to see their impact in near real time, track their energy performance and leverage insights to reduce their carbon footprint. With real-time data sources connected to digital twins, organisations can move away from manually consolidating data into spreadsheets or collecting data from different disparate systems. This automation accelerates data integration, eliminates data silos, and provides the ability to measure carbon emissions across various scopes, generating accurate, actionable results.

Once a client has the ability to view their energy usage patterns, the next step is understanding how efficiently assets and equipment are performing in their environment. Analytical insights powered by the digital twins and historical data allow for fault detection and diagnosis of operational equipment, which can identify issues that waste energy, prevent maintenance, minimise equipment downtime and prolong the life of an asset.

“This solves the issue of data silos that create blind spots which prevent organisations from seeing if their systems are not running efficiently or sustainably,” says Tony Harris, president & CEO, e-Magic. “The data has been there, but there hasn’t been a solution that allows for measurement across the value stream within an enterprise. But the successful co-innovation from NTT DATA and e-Magic has yielded a solution that will benefit business operations and our environment.”

While energy reduction and cost savings might be the initial drivers for sustainability programs, this solution can be evolved to achieve the sustainability goals of an organisation, including getting to carbon net-zero emission.

“This solution not only benefits our environment, but it also enables organisations to innovate and transform,” says Elisabeth Brinton, corporate vice president, sustainability, Microsoft. “Sustainability is no longer an option but a business imperative. It’s critical for organisations to consider sustainability to drive competitiveness, growth and help to increase shareholder value. We’re empowering organisations to make informed decisions, giving them the tools to make data-driven choices that benefit business outcomes, their employees and the environment.”

To learn about how digital twins are being used to accelerate decarbonisation in manufacturing, register for accelerate decarbonisation with Digital Twin modeling, a free webinar. NTT DATA is working toward a more sustainable world through its people, operations and solutions. Read their plan to impact the world and the principles guiding a sustainable vision.

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