Join AWS’ webinar to explore edtech’s potential to unleash new opportunities and future-proof academics

Join AWS’ webinar to explore edtech’s potential to unleash new opportunities and future-proof academics

Technology has taken over our daily lives, and education is no exception. With edtech opening up game-changing opportunities in the sector, it has pivoted the way teachers, learners and educational institutions operate. Moreover, with the government’s push for the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the Ministry of Education has clearly laid out the segments where edtech players can contribute to improving Indian education. The policy promotes 21st century learning in all aspects. Transcending from traditional ‘chalk-and-talk’ classrooms to virtual sessions, edtechs are leveraging technology to build a robust curriculum for all – be it for schools, adult education or workforce training programs.

Having tasted their success on domestic turf, Indian edtech companies are now exploring overseas markets to expand their global footprint. As a seamless, virtual and boundary-free service, Indian edtech has the potential to cater to markets across the globe without glitches. What’s more, with our academicians being globally celebrated, Indian edtech companies are raising the bar for education worldwide.

Given this context and its thrust on education, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has planned a webinar to better understand how edtech has the potential to be a key catalyst for creating a highly efficient ecosystem, scaling boundaries and empowering the next generation. An ideal platform for edtech/startup founders, customers and users, investors and other players in the edtech ecosystem, the webinar, slated for 23 February 2023, will revolve around the topic ‘How EdTechs are unleashing opportunities and future-proofing academics’.

“We have about 400 million students and 55,000 higher education institutions in India, making us one of the largest education ecosystems in the world. Unlike other countries, the Indian education system is a layered education model, the opportunity to grow and scale persists,” said Sunil PP, Lead – Education, Space, and NPO, Amazon Internet Services.

India’s edtech, which is a perfect example of ‘Made in India for the world’, is booming given its high product quality, massive addressable market, huge pool of skilled educators and stakeholder willingness to invest in the solutions being taken to market. Global learners, on the other hand, are choosing to enroll with Indian edtech firms for affordable and world-class content.

Numerous Indian edtech companies are now collaborating with international universities or acquiring foreign firms for wider visibility and access to capital in major markets like the US and to establish India as a global education hub.

The webinar will feature eminent speakers such as Mihir Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Teachmint and Ranjan Kumar, Co-founder and CFO, Learnyst in conversation with the moderator Madan Padaki, President, TiE Bangalore. The speakers will deep-dive on the value that edtechs are creating today and its potential to make a difference in India and on global shores.

With more Indian edtechs reimagining the global online education space, the webinar aims to portray edtech as a viable industry creating value across borders, uplifting skills and helping students achieve a comparative learning ecosystem.

Here’s your chance to participate in this webinar.

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