Couchbase on AWS Enables Arthrex to Improve Patient Outcomes – IoT For All

Couchbase on AWS Enables Arthrex to Improve Patient Outcomes - IoT For All

Las Vegas, Nevada – Nov. 28, 2022Couchbase, Inc. (NASDAQ: BASE), the cloud database platform company, today announced that Arthrex, a global leader in minimally invasive surgical technology, selected Couchbase on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to improve patient outcomes. Embedded in the Arthrex Synergy product family, Couchbase is used in customer hospitals and operating rooms to manage the capture, sync and storage of patient data, surgical data and media metadata, including captured images and videos from Arthrex devices. This data from Couchbase powers Synergy SurgeonVault, Arthrex’s cloud-based surgeon-patient communication tool, enabling surgeons to quickly create post-operative reports for ongoing patient care.

“At Arthrex, we are dedicated to helping surgeons tap into technology to provide advanced treatment for patients and improve outcomes. That’s why hospitals rely on SurgeonVault to empower surgeons with access to patient data whenever they need it,” said Gregory St. Clair, software architect at Arthrex. “Thanks to Couchbase’s edge-ready database platform and AWS, we can support distributed infrastructures to ensure SurgeonVault always performs at unmatched speeds, regardless of sporadic network connectivity, and that it’s always available from any location and device.”

Arthrex is a global leader in orthopedics providing interconnected surgical devices for hospital operating rooms, such as endoscopic cameras, pumps, ablation devices and insufflators—–devices that surgeons use for bone and ligament surgery and reconstruction. The devices run a Linux-based application with Couchbase Lite embedded to store relevant data, allowing them to run 100 percent of the time regardless of internet connectivity and speed. This reduces latency and downtime for critical surgical instruments. Couchbase is then used to sync data from edge devices across the hospital network in a reliable and secure manner. 

Once data is in a centralized location in the hospital, it powers Arthrex’s suite of applications that connect to surgical devices and other medical systems, including hospital electronic health record systems. For example, Synergy SurgeonVault leverages Couchbase to automatically and securely synchronize the application with data from devices, systems, and infrastructure to improve surgeon-patient communication and provide quick, personalized, and secure access to post-operative patient care. In addition, automatic data sharing and replication provides high availability, while Couchbase Autonomous Operator running on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) automatically handles cluster management, scheduling, and storage.

“We introduced an industry-first embedded document database that automatically synchronizes data across the entirety of an organization’s cloud, edge and mobile infrastructure, with or without internet connectivity,” said Wayne Carter, vice president of engineering at Couchbase. “It’s very exciting to see Arthrex leveraging our technology to harness the power of edge computing to build innovative solutions that use IoT device data to drive decisions and improve patient care. We look forward to continuing to work with Arthrex on the operating room of the future.” 

Operating in a highly regulated environment, it’s imperative for Arthrex to protect sensitive information across its entire data pipeline to adhere to compliance laws, including HIPAA and GDPR, and Couchbase supports compliance. It provides Transport Layer Security (TLS) for transport, database encryption, and the ability to define specific and dynamic access control rules across the entire ecosystem. 

“Our devices operate in a mostly heterogeneous environment, with a variety of different devices and versions of devices. We want to be able to move data around the entire ecosystem, including between devices and other tiers. Anyone who has tried to do this knows it is very difficult. Couchbase gives us the flexibility of NoSQL and JSON, making it easier for us to passively pass data back and forth,” added St. Clair.

To learn more about why healthcare companies choose Couchbase for their applications, please visit this page.

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Excerpt: Global Leader in Orthopedics Powers its Application for Post-operative Patient Care With Couchbase on AWS.

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